From drapes to lighting, find out this year’s go-to wedding styles!

Flower Power!

Florals are back with a bang! Roses, Lily’s, Hydrangeas, Dahlia’s… the list goes on. The bigger the flowers, the better. Flowers add that naturalistic, bohemian touch as well as adding elegance and beauty to the wedding scene.

Throughout 2019, flowers have been used as table centrepieces, Instagram-worthy backdrops and even as bridal hair accessories!

Of course, flowers have always been an integral component to weddings, but this year we’ve taken it to new heights. Especially if you’re going for that spring/summer wedding vibe, flowers can be that simple yet ground-breaking addition to the day!

It’s all about SPARKLE!

Aside from the very naturalistic trend of 2019, this year has also been inspired by utter Glitz n Glam! Glitter is something 2019 cannot get enough of. It’s all about leaving a little sparkle wherever you go!

If you’re going for that glamourous, chic wedding style this year, you cannot be short of glitter. It can be incorporated into just about anything, including drapes, tablecloths, chair ties, backdrop setting and centrepieces.

Royale Banqueting Suite even offers starry lights and backdrops to add to that magical feeling.

A tiny bit of sparkle can surely go a long way. It can transform a basic, plain wedding venue into the most extravagant party of the century!

Don’t ever let anyone dull your sparkle, especially on your big day!

Bold Colours!

In 2019, we have stepped away from that all-white, clinical vibe for weddings.

This year has been all about colour! By simply adding a touch of blush pink, royal blue or crimson red to a neutral setting makes for a beautiful setting. Colour schemes have been very popular this year and can be incorporated into just about every component of decoration.

Being bold and bright is certainly the way forward!

At Royale Banqueting Suite, you can customise your colour schemes to every fine detail, making sure that your wedding looks perfect on the day!

Turning dreams into reality…

Royale Banqueting Suite is the finest 5-star events venue in the West Midlands. We put care and pride into making your special day one to remember.

From flowers, to sparkly accessories, to bright colours – all the trends you desire can be put into practice with us.

Book your venue with us now, and be that one step closer to your most perfect day!

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