These days, the cake is often the centre of attention at any celebration. It has to look amazing as well as taste amazing! This blog will go over 2019’s best cake trends so that you’re prepared for your very own caketastic event!


Whether it matches the theme of your party, or perhaps just a reimagining of your favourite movie, cakes with a theme are always a favourite. 

Go magical with a Harry Potter cake. Take your cake out of this world with a Star Wars theme. Perhaps your going for a glamorous theme, a vintage look or even an ensemble of everything you love on one cake… the possibilities are endless!


The vegan lifestyle is becoming more and more popular by the day. It promotes a healthy lifestyle by sticking to a plant based diet. So why not translate this into your cake? 

Go eggless or choose dairy free products. However you chose to go about this innovative idea, it’s sure to taste just as great whilst promoting vegans everywhere!


A popular trend for cakes in 2019 has consisted of natural decorations. Step away from the fondant flowers and get some real ones! 

Pick out your favourite plants have them arranged beautifully as decoration on your cake. If you want that bohemian-fairy feel, this could be the cake for you! Simple but elegant. 


And of course, make your cake as sweet as can be! Pile it up with all your favourite treats. 

M&M’s? Digestive Biscuits? Truffles? Caramels? Gather all the sweets you love onto your cake for something sweet that everyone will enjoy! Let your imagination go wild! 


Royale Banqueting Suite can provide guests with qualified cake suppliers so that we can make your cake dreams into a reality! 

And of course, you’ll need a venue to go with that cake. Just enquire with Royale Banqueting Suite today to find your perfect venue for any occasion and you’ve got yourself a party! 

We look forward to party-planning with you!

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